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Stay healthy this Chinese New year!

CNY is a time where we indulge in the festive mood, allowing ourselves to break free from the usual regimen. While we enjoy the festive season with our family and friends, follow these tips to stay healthy and tackle the “side effects” of late nights, excessive eating/drinking/conversations, and long hours of mahjong/card playing sessions.

  1. Overeating and drinking

With all the sumptuous food and variety of snacks available during CNY, it is hard to resist the temptations and end up eating and drinking more than we should.

  • Stay hydrated: you tend to snack when you are thirsty

  • Limit alcohol consumption: apart from the calories you get from drinking, alcohol triggers signals which makes your brain think it is hungry

  • Chew more: chewing or “oral-sensory stimulation” can curb hunger by tricking your brain into thinking that you are eating

  • Eat in smaller portions in smaller plates: you tend to finish what is before you whether you feel full or not

  • Drink herbal tea: hawthorn (山楂), ginger (生姜) or peppermint (薄荷) tea aids in digestion

2. Long hours of mahjong or card playing

These common bonding activities during CNY gatherings can make you sit in the same position for hours.

  • Stand to stretch or walk around every 30 minutes: moving your body helps to promote blood circulation to prevent stiffness and aches

3. Too much talking

Long conversations between family and friends during CNY catch-up are inevitable.

  • Stay hydrated: soothe your throat with regular sips of water

  • Drink herbal tea: malva nut/PangDaHai (胖大海) or monk fruit/LuoHanGuo (罗汉果) tea soothes sore throat; american ginseng (西洋参) tea moist the throat and boost energy

4. Late nights

It could simply be for a late-night movie or mahjong session, or catching up with family and friends.

  • Drink herbal tea: chrysanthemum/JuHua (菊花) or XiaKuCao (夏枯草) tea clears liver heat, american ginseng (西洋参) tea invigorates Qi to fight fatigue

  • Power nap: a 20 minutes power nap can boost not only energy, but also memory, creativity and cognitive skills

Note: Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms differ due to different body constitutions. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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